Wednesday, September 3, 2014

August 25th, 2014

August 25, 2014

Hey family! Sounds like the birthday was fun!  I starting school is going okay for everyone-- it's weird not being in school with you, I am still surprised to hear that life goes on without me.

Okay, so we've had this huge spider guarding our door for weeks.  And I finally killed him!  Get this though, we got up this morning and opened our blinds, and there is a HUGE spider web blocking our entire front door just outside with a big old tiger looking spider sitting in the middle.  And right below him on the side is this ginormous wolf looking spider.  Long story short, our little kitchen window is now our way in and out of the house until the Elders come to kill them.  Canada spiders are sooo much bigger; I wish I was brave enough to get you a picture, but I get shaking too bad.

So we have been working with a lot of Recent Converts and Less Actives (LARCs) lately.  We are trying to help them get their patriarchal blessings.  It's been so cool!  One of our recent converts-Ana- is going to be getting hers hopefully in a few weeks.  I am so excited for her. We've visited multiple times a week ever since I got here.  She's been going through so many hard things, and so many big decisions in her life.  This blessing is going to help her so much! Patriarchal blessings are soo so powerful and so important.  It reminds how fundamental my blessing has been at every point in my life.  Rebecca just got hers too!  I hope you are really using it has a tool.  There is a special comfort that comes from reading your blessing directly from Heavenly Father to you.  Makes sure you read it every week.  Between the scriptures and your patriarchal blessing you will find answers to every question you have about what you need to be doing.  We like to use the story of the Liahona to help our investigators and recent converts understand. That’s really what it is.  It so exciting and fulfilling to help these people works toward them and receive because it's definitely one of the biggest blessing of the restored gospel!

We had the trainers/greenie meeting in Montreal this last week.  It was so fun!  And we went and got poutine again!  Haha we're going to have to take a poutine break; we've had way too much this week.  I'll send a picture though.  This is the first place I ever had poutine.  Montreal is such a fun city though! It's so fun walking down those streets as a missionary.  And the meeting was super fun too because I got to see my MTC district.  It's so fun to see how we've all just been shipped to the opposite ends of the mission and just stepped right up and started working to build the kingdom in our separate corners.  Missionary work is so powerful and so important; I just love love, love being a missionary!

Love you all soo soo much!  Thanks so much for your love and emails!  Good luck with starting school back up!


Your favorite daughter and sister! Soeur Olsen

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