Wednesday, September 3, 2014

August 18th, 2014

Hi family!


Okay, this was such a long week.  I have no idea what to say.  You know, these emails home are really exhausting!  But I love getting all your emails and hearing about Anne's fiddle fest and Hammy!  Sounds like you are all doing really well!  Hey, let's have a goal to keep Hammy alive until I get home, okay?  I really want to meet this guy.  I cannot even believe you've get a hamster roll around there in Utah--it's like I don't even know you anymore!


Zion looks so fun; thanks so much for the post cards! I'll have you know that I went "froggin'" this week too!  I almost caught him like five different times.  Those little guys are just so fast!  We went up to a camp last p-day that one of our members owns for special needs kids.  It was way fun.  We had s'mores.  Want to know something crazy that you've never realized before?  Chocolate is supposed to melt when you eat a s'more.  It's crazy.  I guess the laws are different up here.  So companies have to make their candy bars differently in their Canadian factories.  You would not believe how good a Hershey bar is here!  It's like a lindt bar or something.  And you have to pound your s'mores so fast cause otherwise the chocolate will liquefy and drip all over the place before you finish it.  Crazy right?  We never have that problem with the American wax bars.  Just watch for that the next time you have s'mores.


Tenney’s and Sarah are in town!  Tell them all hi for me!  And HAPPY BIRTHDAY BENJAMIN!  It's really been a long time since 22 now... ;) get it? I love you SO much and hope you have a wonderful wonderful birthday with lots and hugs and kisses from our family!  --This message better not have to be passed on by the way.


Okay so we had another mini mission this week, this time with the older Allard girl Fanny.  She is so stinkin' cute!  These Quebecoise.  So it was definitely a long week, but we saw a lot of miracles too.  Remember my gangsters--who aren't actually gangsters mom--?  They are doing really really well this week.  We taught Hydress the word of wisdom.  He is a little freaked out by it.  We  caught him taking a smoke about 30 minutes after our lesson.  But he is going to get there!  We also have been teaching Badou a lot.  He's been playing too cool since the beginning, so Sr. Wright really got after him a few lessons back.  He has completely turned around now.  He is finally praying!  He has even been praying twice a day!  And he came to church!  Oh my goodness.  He is a totally different person when he prays.  He is so much brighter, and he actually smiles!  It is so cool.  He said that he can feels a difference when he prays; he is happier and nicer to people.  Oh my goodness!  I wish you could see the huge impact the Atonement is having in his life.  The Atonement is really at the center of all our miracles.  There is nothing like watching somebody use it in their lives.  Unfortunately, he told us yesterday that he is actually moving today to Calgary.  NO!  It's so so sad.  But we are going to get him in contact with missionaries somehow, so we hope he will meet with them there.  We know we planted a seed though, so we hope that he continues pray and nourish it.


Thanks so much for all your love and prayers family!  You are the best!  It is miraculous the strength that they gives me to handle these difficult situations.  I love you all so so much!  Have a good week and keep cleaning the room so that the hamster can stay!



Soeur Olsen

P.S.: My companion locked the keys in the car this week so we waited for an hour in the rain for CAA (Canadian triple A).  I am not the only one who does it
First time in Tim Hortons.  These things are all over the place here.  A mix between Startbucks and MCdonalds.  Tim bits: their infamous doughnut holes, so good!


catching frogs!


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