Saturday, June 21, 2014

June 18, 2014

June 18, 2014

Okay today is crazy! Literally none of the computers in the whole campus are working so we have been running around frantically looking for computers. Finally found two! Miracle of the day.

Last week in the MTC! I am so so sad to leave behind "ma petite famille". But I cannot wait for Canada. Sometimes I get really nervous when I think about it, but then I remember that the Lord called me to speak French to the people in Quebec and therefore he is going to enable me to be able to speak French to the people in Quebec. I cannot wait. I just want to work as hard as I can and make absolutely every second count!

Joyeux fete des lunettes! Yesterday we made everybody, including our more than hesitant teachers, wear their glasses and our district had a "glasses party". It was sick.

Our Tahitian district left yesterday. No! It is so sad for us. We love them and miss them so much. We haven't played four square since they left. Elder Abbatt-- from France-- was the best part of four square; it is not the same without him. He was hilarious! He could not win for the life of him, but he wanted to so badly! Apparently they don't have four square in France. He finally won the second to last night though--kinda-- so we were all thrilled. And I finally recorded one of his French Frozen songs. I will see if I can send it.

What is really sad is that two of the Tahitian visas didn't come in, so Elder Olsen (also from Orem) and Sister Afasene had to stay while the rest of their district left. It is so sad. This will be their twelfth week in the MTC (because they are learning french and tahitian) and they don't know when they will be able to leave.

Sister Kimber, she came with the new district a couple of weeks ago, went home today for anxiety. We are very, very sad. It is really hard for us. But hopefully she can get the help she needs and come back.

Congratulations to Eve! She is getting baptized this Saturday! I couldn't be more excited for her; if per chance you run into her Liz you will have to give her the biggest hug for me please! I just love and miss her and all of my roommates so much and I am so grateful for their wonderful examples to me!

Frere Davis, my favorite teacher, is leaving for Washington tomorrow! My heart is broken. He is the very best, but he had an unexpected family reunion come up so our last day with him will be tomorrow. I am so so so sad. He says that he might might might be back by Monday and he'll run by and see us then, but it sounds really doubtful. Our African Elders are leaving Monday too so we'll be so sad to have them leave us. It just makes me sick to think that our little family will be split up indefinitely in just a week!

**SUPER IMPORTANT** My flight leaves from SLC at 7:25 AM. I think I can call. Hopefully you can send me a phone, but if not, hopefully we can figure something out. Do you know how this works? Okay. Then I land in Detroit at 12:54 PM. I don't know if there is a time difference so you'll have to figure that out, sorry! Then my plane takes off again at 1:55 PM. Super short layover but hopefully I'll be able to talk to you then again for a little bit! I arrive in Canada at 3:49 PM.

Okay everyone! I love you so so so much! I don't know if I will have time to write you this week! Thanks for all the letters and the packages! Keep them coming.

I love you all to the moon and back!

This was the last pday when we said goodbye to our Canadian sisters that left for Vancouver. They were the best. I hate saying goodbye to everybody. Worst part of the MTC!

Fete des lunette. Our teacher with the light gray suit is Frere Davis. Darker suit is Frere Rodriguez. Elder Navarette with the sun glasses is the only one that doesn't have real glasses. The picture with just the girl is Sister Kimber who went home today. And then there are the pictures of us and the Tahitian district. And then us and all of our sister in the zone. One of the them, dark with dark short hair is Sister Falesii, she left with the Tahitians yesterday and we miss her!

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