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I miss you all sooo much!  It is killer not being able to make you all sit down and here about every detail of my day anymore.  Sister Smith is a really good listener though, so thank goodness!  

Okay.  This week was crazy.  I think they like to mess with you in the MTC.  I'm not sure why.  Sometimes, I think maybe they are trying to get the weak ones to crack.  So last week we got a letter from our investigator saying that he was moving back to Columbia.  No!  We were so sad.  But he said that our lessons really changed his life and he is going to look up the missionaries in Columbia.  It was so sweet.  I cried.  What's new.  And then, a few hours later, he walks into our classroom with a suit coat and starts saying something in french about being our new teacher.  I about had an emotional break down.  Then the next day, we are so excited to me our new investigator and it's Frere Davis.  And then our second new investigator is Frere Rodriguez (William Toro) again.  Except he is not William Toro.  They are totally messing with our minds.  I have no idea why.  But it did mean I got to ask: Comment dit-on dople gagner.

One of the Elders started talking about Vampire Diaries at lunch yesterday.  I about threw up.  I just realized that I had no idea what happen in the season Finale.  You better just tell me.  I couldn't stop thinking about it all during lunch and with the whole dople gagner/teacher/investigator ordeal.  And Frere Davis totally watches Vampire Diaries.  I think.  When we asked him, he laughed and blushed and then something we couldn't understand in French.  Sick.  He is totally my favorite teacher.  Our favorite phrases is: face a face.  Everything seems funny when you are in the MTC for some reason.  Maybe it cause we are all about to lose our minds.

I honestly love it here though.  The Spirit is so strong and I absolutely love my district and my teachers!  Class instruction is the best.  And study time is amazing.  I love everything about it here.  Except for the no snack rule.  Really not cool.  I have to wait the whole day to break open my oreos.  Great idea mom!  You are the best!

Everybody left this week.  I think we had four districts leave.  The other zone is completely empty and it is just us and the Tahitian district in our zone right now.  It was so sad to say goodbye to all the Paris and Lyon Elders.  They were all so nice!  We are really missing the two sisters that left too.  Now there are only four french speaking sisters.  But Sister Weight handed over her shower to me, which is pretty exciting.  I am pretty sure it is the only working shower in the entire building.  All the other showers are either glacial froid ou scaldingly chaud.  Chouette.  Our lunch table is so empty now.  It is so sad!  Luckily though the Tahitians are still here.  They are the district learning both French and Tahitian.  The two other Sisters are in this district.  They are so nice.  We just love them!  Two of the Elders in that district are from France.  They caught Sister Smith and I fist bumping yesterday (sorry, I had to find a new fist-bumping buddy) and saying bien-joue (well played) and they were so impressed.  They just went on and on about how jealous they were that we could pick up their language so fast.  What's up!  Gift of tongues is totally real!  Thanks so much for all the prayers family!

What else?  I think we have probably taught seven lessons by now.  We had two lessons yesterday (all in french as always, cause we can never find any gold tags) with our two new investigators (but really our teachers, it is really disorienting) Jean-Luc et Jean-Claude.  They went all right.  It is miraculous that we can actually have a conversation with them for half an hour.  Somehow it works!  Haha and it makes us really bold because we have no idea how to skate around what we are trying to say in French.  So that is good I guess!

We are getting a new district tomorrow!  And four sisters are coming in!  It is sooo exciting!  I can't wait to have more girls!

Sister Smith and I just got called as the Sister Trainer Leaders.  That should be fun!  We have no idea what we are doing, but we are getting slightly more organized so hopefully this works out!

You guys will be impressed.  I was drinking my water yesterday and an Elder said something funny and I about spewed my water everywhere.  Except I didn't!  Instead, I was forced to choke on it and was able to keep the majority of it in.

Here are some pictures finally!  These are the Elders and Sisters that left yesterday.  Miss them so much!  The Samoan sisters in the Tahitian district are going to be here for a few more week though.  They spend 5 weeks learning french and six learning tahitian.  So fun!

Love, Sister Olsen!!!


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