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March 2, 2015

Heavenly Father is so good to me!  I am so happy.  I am never leaving Gatineau or Sister Carpenter!  I love it here!  Want to know other good news of transfers?  Remember my old companion Sister Smith? (Not the Sister Wright-soon-to-be-Sister-Smith)  yeah, she's coming to Chapel Hill!  Chapel Hill is the other ward in my district!  We get to be together again and we will get to do exchanges together!  Being a missionary is the best!

So I missed lots of things last week.

1. We saw a wolf in the church parking lot in Ottawa at zone  conference last week.  It ran right past our car.  A REAL CANADIAN BALTO.

2.  Sister Carpenter and I were invited to a stake priesthood leader meeting that was the MOST UNCOMFORTABLE THING EVER.  We were the only women.  The stake president acknowledged the "brethren and sister trainers" ever few sentences.  Super uncomfortable.

3. We are having a big new change in our stake this next week that is top secret.  It sounds like there will be boundary changes.  The Champlain ward, the English ward in our geographical boundaries, will be coming to our building.  We won't be alone any more!  We have a special stake meeting next week to hear the details.

4. You know we have a zone goal of 10 baptisms in March?  The most we have ever had in one month in the last two years is 8.  We are so excited!  During zone conference we put up 19 names on the chalkboard of who could be baptized within the month of March.  We put up Isabelle, Soriah, and Ivilise.  We pray for all 19 of these people every day and we had a zone fast for them yesterday.  There has been such power in being unified as a zone in combining our faith and efforts.  We have seen so many miracles from this throughout the teams and the  zone.

Okay, this week!

We were talking with our ZL Elder Anderson last Sunday night and he told him about this miraculous experience he had in one of his former areas where he got 30 lessons in a week.  Sister Carpenter and I were inspired, so we decided we were going to do the same thing this week.  We were determined to do it.  Well, Satan hates us more than Elder Anderson apparently.  (And apparently his ward council set up 15 of the lessons). We got 16 lessons and we are exhausted!  We were working so hard to the very last day to make it happen.  We are going to get it!  Our faith is not weakened!

This week we had exchanges with the Fallowfield Sisters.  Sister Hill came to Gatineau again with me and Sister Carp was with her cute new greenie, Sister Ladron de Geurava who's from Montreal!  She is so cute!  Sister Hill and I had a blast!

Isabelle and Djim are getting married March 13th and Isabelle and her daughter Soriah are getting baptized on the 20th!  And I get to be here!  I am so happy!  Heavenly Father is so good to me!  Did you hear the miracle that happened there?  The ban for the marriage had to be published a la Palais De Justice and at the chapel by the 20th of February.  We had our zone conference, so we gave it to Frere Allard.  His car broke down, so he didn't get it in.  We talked to bishop and he said if we tried to still get the marriage published for the same day, they would reject it and we would have to start the process all over and we would have to wait until APRIL.  So he said to just push back the date and not even try.  We told Frere Allard that but he wouldn't hear of it.  He did not want to push the date back again.  We told him it was the law but he didn't listen to us and did it anyway!  AND IT WORKED!  It was such a huge miracle.  I know it was because of the prayers of all the missionaries.  It was such a testimony builder to me that Heavenly Father was aware of our zone goal and the promises He has made to us. He saw our faith and our efforts and He was blessing us for it.  I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!  So they are getting baptized!

Jocelyne has been progressing so well.  She wants to get baptized!!!  We still don't know when.  But I am not worried.  I know she's can do it!

Isaac is praying for a baptismal date!

Irene's mom passed away.  She received a blessing from Elder Christenson, the senior couple in our area.

Cecile Annie is praying to know if she needs to be rebaptized.  She is an investigator from when Sister Wright was here that we dropped for a little while.

Samuel has been praying!  He hasn't received an answer yet, but it will come!  I love them.  He is praying sister Carpenter and I husbands from Africa.

Isabelle was so relieved we weren't being transferred!  She was praying for us to stay.  That's not a good thing, but she is so sweet!  I love her!

We had an awesome lesson with Patrick and Esther and committed them to pray and read the Book of Mormon.

Taught a new family Tharcila and Martin, young couple from Burundi that we found on a list of potentials from two years ago!  They are awesome.

Denis had an awesome experience where he committed to himself and the Lord that he would pay his tithing and he got a 30% raise at work!  The church is true.

We had our district meeting with the ZLs last week.  At the end our Elders whipped out a cake they had bought me and sang to me-- they had no faith that I would stay.  It was super sweet!  Elder Cameron drew a blue icing dragon on it.  Our Elders are hilarious.  They also left us several musical voice mails this week.

We went to Champlain's district meeting.

We had a sister's activity today!  We bought tim bits, chocolate and honey cruller.  Best ones AND THEN WE WENT TO PANDA!  I have been craving Panda since I got out on my mission and there is only one in the whole mission and it's in Ottawa! I am not sure if that is actually doctrine, but it might be!  It was the best!  Then we each bought a bag of fortune cookies to take home.

Sister Narraidoo is going home this week, and sister Hinkson is switching places with Sister Smith.  We are going to miss both of them so much.  Sister Matos is getting a greenie to train!

THANK YOU for my valentine's day package!  I LOVED IT!  I have the best family in the world!  And I love the garland.  You are the best famille!
I will be in mission leadership council in Montreal this Friday so.... you know what that means.  Thanks so much Liz for the letters!  I just got yours from November ;)
I accidentally went a whole day with out my missionary tag!  I lost the one on my coat and forgot to put one on my shirt.  It was the worst day ever.  I never want to not be a missionary!

Okay!  So I know I am forgetting something like always but I had an awesome week!  I am so happy!  And yes, it is so warm!  We didn't even wear our coats one day.  IT was sunny and felt so good!  We felt like we were in California. Hopefully I will get to have all four seasons in Gatineau.

P.S.  Any church music I am allowed to listen to so if you ever want to send any cds my way, I would love that.  Sister carp is getting sick of our music.


Almost-no-longer-a-teenage-american-that-doesn't-speak-french-soeur olsen!


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