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July 14, 2014  BAPTISM WEEK

Oh my goodness famille. It was baptism week! (That's what Sr. Wright and I decided because we kept handing out 2 Nephi 31 for commitments). It turns out that baptism week doesn't actually mean having baptisms but we got four new people with baptisms dates!  We now have six total.  Crazy.  You would not believe the miracles we had up here in Gatineau!  And we got 9 new amis!  Can you believe it?  No way!  We have gotten 14 new amis in the last two weeks!  It is unbelievable.  And I have decided that since we found them on baptism week, it must mean that they are all getting baptized.  No way!  How wonderful is this area?!

Okay let me tell you about these people.  We just laugh every time we think about it.  5 of them consist of a little gang from Senegal.  They are these black, young guys in their 20s with tattoos and piercing; just rough, scary looking people.  Ha,ha they are awesome.  Their names are Badou, Hydress, Bishop (perfect eh? --the eh thing is totally real by the way), Sededrick, Doudou.  It is so unbelievable.  Each time we go they have a new friend there!  And they actually get into it.  They are talking, asking questions, bearing testimony of their beliefs.  It's crazy.  There are usually two or three of them there when we show up.  Badou is the only one that really pretends like he not interest, but he so is!  He is one of my favorite. He's the one that is always inviting us back and bringing his friends.  It was the coolest thing yesterday.  We went over to their building and he had Sederick and Bishop with him.  So we all went upstairs and watched the Restoration with them.  It was sick.  In the middle of the film I looked around the room and I realized that we were watching the Restoration with a bunch of gangsters!  No way!  Ha,ha, maybe you had to be there.  It was so sick.  Unfortunately, Sr. Wright informed me that when Badou got up during the film he came back high on something.  We got a lot of Word of Wisdom work to do with our G amis, but I can hardly wait to see how this gospel and the Atonement will change them.  I got to commit all three of them to baptism last night.  So cool.  They all think my broken French attempts are cute.  They try to let me do it in English cause they all understand English.  So a lot of the testifying was committing was in “franglais” but it was so cool.  The Spirit was so strong.  You could tell that they felt it, especially Bishop.  He was just baptized Christian and he's been looking for the truth and he is not ashamed.  He can't wait to check the BOM out.  They are so cool!  You guys would love them.  And Badou and Bishop are going to come church this week!  So Sr. Wright decided it was going to be Swarm Week this week.  Everybody is going to swarming to the chapel!

We also found a new family this week!  Sydole and Rose are the parents.  We have this miracle building here in Gatineau that we call our golden building.  That is where we found Mary and her husband Theodore.  And Mart. And Solonge. And everybody!  Basically everybody in that building is a potential.  But we went and taught them for the first time this last week and they just ate it up!  We talked about the BOM.  They also had a friend Fernande there.  She was skeptical.  But Rose totally just start testifying about how the BOM could be true and how she needed to just have more faith!  No way right?  I can't believe it.  I cannot wait to go back and teach them.

Okay sorry.  I am way too excited with all our miracles.  I was so excited to hear about the family vacation though!  The pictures are to die for adorable!  I love it!  Especially the three amigos pic with Dad, John, and James.  Ha,ha.  I about died.  And Sarah is coming home!  Tell her I say hi and to shoot me all kinds of mission advice!

Fun fact for the week.  I have a car.  I haven't mentioned that yet.  And it is super nice too.  Sounds like I'll be driving it this week when we go on splits!  We are living the life of luxury here in Gatineau.  Oh and find WASABI PEAS.  You will love them Dad.  I think you should just be able to find them at Walmart.  Okay that's all.  Love you so much!!!

Lots and lots of love,

Soeur Olsen

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